The Story of Caledon

And Now

This website of the Caledon Heritage Foundation, “The Story of Caledon – Then and Now” tells the whole story of Caledon;

  • its people and places, from prehistoric to modern times, the indigenous peoples
  • the hardships and successes of early settlers
  • the businesses that thrived then and the businesses that thrive today
  • the creative talents of the people of Caledon
  • and
  • the leisure activities of residents and visitors today.

The story of Caledon will grow as the present and the future become the past, and this website will grow with it.

This website will empower everyone who lives here to embrace Caledon’s cultural heritage, its customs, its artistic and intellectual achievements, and to celebrate and conserve its built and natural environment, and the cultural heritage of the people who have lived here in the past, and those who live here today. This website will promote links to our past through preserved heritage buildings and landscapes.

This is your website. This is your story. The success of telling this story depends on the research done by many people, the written documents submitted, the spoken histories told, the pictures contributed.

Please feel free to contact the Caledon Heritage Foundation with suggestions, or with materials that will make this story more complete.

“Only By Understanding Our Past Can We Understand Our Present And See More Clearly The Future”

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