Our cultural heritage is made up of who we are and were as a people, the places where we lived, worked and played, and the special and extraordinary events that we made happen and experienced.
This section invites you, the reader, to submit content of your own choosing that relates to the history of Caledon.


From prehistoric to modern times

  • the indigenous peoples
  • the hardships and successes of early settlers
  • the businesses that thrived then and the businesses that thrive today
  • the creative talents, old and new, of the people of Caledon
  • the leisure activities of residents and visitors today.

This content can relate to a specific time, place, person (or people), or activity, …. It can tell the stories of what communities existed then, the people who shaped our Town, some of the interesting places, the buildings (some of which will become designated structures today), and special events that happened.

The Caledon Heritage Foundation asks that you be as accurate and concise as possible and give credit to others as needed. Feel free to submit any photographs. 

As your offering is accepted by the Caledon Heritage Foundation, it will be identified as a sub menu item of this section and become part of this website.

The Caledon Heritage Foundation does not endorse these contributions and strives to merely relate your stories.


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