The Story of Caledon for your children

The Caledon Heritage Foundation realizes that it is very important to reach our young people early, and to help them learn: where we’ve come from; our successes and our failures; who indigenous people are and what problems they face; what difficulties new settlers had to overcome to make a life in Caledon;………and why Caledon is such a great place to live.

Should you want to own your own copy of this attractive book, please submit a charitable donation of $5 to the Caledon Heritage Foundation and you will receive a copy of this book in the mail.

Financial support for the book came from The Town of Caledon, and the Brampton-Caledon Community Foundation.

The book received input and support from the volunteers of the CHF Board, the Town of Caledon, the Town of Caledon Heritage Resource Officer, the two Peel School Boards and the Chief and Council of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation

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