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Heritage Speaker Series

Annual General Meeting

Caledon Heritage Foundation

October 23, 2007

Speaker:  Ken Weber, author

Theme:  Suffragette Movement

Millcroft Inn, Alton

Following the Caledon Heritage Foundation’s first Annual General Meeting, noted author Ken Weber enthralled the audience with a talk about the suffragette movement in Ontario and the rest of the world.  His speech entitled “The New Woman Era of the 1980s” tied the blossoming of the women’s movement to the rise in popularity of bicycling and the invention of the daring new garment known as the Bloomer.



Heritage Speaker Series

Annual General Meeting 2008

Caledon Heritage Foundation

October 15, 2008

Speaker:  Catherine Nasmith, architect and President of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

Theme:  Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and Restoration of Alton Mill

Alton Mill

Following Caledon Heritage Foundation’s Annual General Meeting, architect Catherine Nasmith described the vital work of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario and talked about the painstaking and award-winning restoration of the Alton Mill.



In 2009 CHF focussed on actively raising the awareness of Caledon’s heritage barns and their “fragile existence”.

CHF delved into the questions of why they are fragile and why they are important. All the CHF events, activities, fundraising that we accomplished this year has been centred on this issue.

Heritage Speaker Series

CHF began with a very successful evening at the Town Hall in Caledon Village with a slide presentation on Barns by Dudley Witney.


CHF also held a raffle for prizes of art based on an agricultural theme and these were drawn at the August 15th Barn and Dinner Dance.

The dance featured a local country band Rod’s Country Classics and singer Marcia Barnes from Belfountain.

Dinner was catered by the Village Bistro in Caledon Village.

By raising awareness, it was hoped that owners could be encouraged to cherish and reinvest in their historic barns.

Art Show – featured 28 artists with a “barns” theme.

In September, CHF director Diana Hillman hosted an Art Show for a weekend at her studio which featured 28 artists with a “barns” theme.

It was extremely well attended and built awareness of the need to preserve Caledon’s barns.

Through the generosity of the Headwater’s artist group, commissions on sales added to our funds


The old barns of Caledon, an important part of our rural landscape, are often taken for granted and, unfortunately, a number are being lost because of this.

CHF presented Awards of $500 to owners of outstanding barns in the following categories:

Earliest Timber Frame Barns 

The construction of barns was often commemorated with the year being carved into date stones in their foundations or cut out in the gable-end peaks. This CHF Award is presented to the Caledon barn with the earliest date inscribed in either the foundation or gable-end peak.

The CHF 2009 Barn Award in this category was presented to Robert and Barbara Downey.

The farm on Mount Hope Road was settled in 1831 by William Downey of Yorkshire, England.

Robert Downey is the fifth generation of the Downey family on this property. The barn is a beautifully maintained timber-frame barn with the date 1880 cut out in the gable-end peak. This is the newer half of the barn and both parts of the barn are still in use.

Other nominations in this category were dated 1885 and 1886.

Rare Architectural Elements in  Historic Barns  

Many barns still entail interesting original elements, such as extraordinarily long timbers, unusual swing beams, unusual ventilators, hand-carved details, exceptionally tall hay ladders, odd hex signs, and cobblestone or flagstone floors. The barn with the most unusual architectural feature will win the CHF Award in this category.


CHF 2009 Barn Award in this category was presented to Eileen Cook and Helen and John Mason.

The committee decided on a tie between Eileen Cook’s barn on Chinguacousy Road,  and Helen and John Mason’s barn complex on Heart Lake Road.

The Cook barn, which was still in use, had an exceptionally fine swing beam and an unusual hay winch.

The Mason three-barn complex was a rarity in Caledon. The large central barn has a flagstone floor with a drainage channel. The barns also feature gable-end cut-outs of double hearts and celtic crosses. The over all high quality of craftsmanship in both the Cook and Mason barns deserves recognition.

Heritage Speaker Series


October 22, 2009

Speaker:  Mike Filey, historian and author.

St. James Parish Hall, Caledon East




Heritage Speaker Series

Caledon Heritage Foundation

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Speaker:  Tony Jenkins

Theme:  The Preservation and Adaptive Re-Use of Barns, Log Houses, and Timber Frame Buildings

Caledon Community Complex, Old Church Road, Caledon East



Heritage Speaker Series

Caledon Heritage Foundation

May 4, 2010

Speaker:  Dr. John C. Carter

Theme:  History of Early Education and the Advent of the One Room Schoolhouse

The Inglewood Community Centre, 15825 McLaughlin Road, Inglewood



Caledon Heritage Foundation purchases a piece of history

Today the old Caledon Township Hall, built in 1875, is home to the Caledon Town Hall Players, the well known local Caledon theatre troupe. But for the first half of the last century, and for part of the century before that, it was the seat of local municipal government.


Council Meetings were held, issues of the day were debated, motions were raised and by-laws were passed at the former Township of Caledon.

The content of these meetings were transcribed in the quaint language of yesteryear and preserved in a minute book to act as the official record of the Townships deliberations.


Recently, one of these bound minute books, containing minutes from 1868 – 1879, was made available by a local collector, and the Caledon Heritage Foundation (CHF) was contacted for interest. It did not take long for the Board of Directors of the Foundation to pass a motion setting aside funds to purchase this unique record of Caledon history. After brief negotiations, a final price was agreed and the transaction was concluded.

Upon purchase, the minute book was first loaned for perusal to Alex Raeburn, life-long Caledon resident and a Lieutenant Governor’s Award recipient who, at age 97, is the sole remaining member of the last Caledon Township Council. Subsequently, the Caledon Heritage Foundation has donated the minute book to the Peel Archives to become part of the public record for current and future generations.

Heritage Speaker Series

Annual General Meeting 2010

Caledon Heritage Foundation

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speaker:  Dr. Ron Williamson

Theme:  Archaeology and Artefact

Historic Evaluations of Aboriginal Artifacts in Caledon

St.  James Parish Hall, 6029 Old Church Road, Caledon East

CHF invited residents to bring artefacts for examination and identification by Dr. Ron Williamson, of Archaeology Services Inc.


Euchre Tournament.

In October Sarah Haney and friends organized our first euchre tournament.



Heritage Speaker Series
In May CHF organized a well-attended presentation by TonyJenkins and Sally Drummond, Town of Caledon Heritage Resource Officer, on log home construction with special emphasis on the known inventory of log

homes in Caledon.

1st Annual Caledon Heritage Foundation Bus Tour

September 30, 2011

Hosts and Historians:  Fay McCrea and Heather Broadbent

Featuring:  The Year of the Log House – 35 log structures throughout the Town of Caledon


Second Annual Euchre Tournament

In October CHF held our second annual euchre tournament spearheaded by Sarah Haney and her dedicated team of enthusiastic helpers.

This is proving to be both a successful fund-raising event as well as a fun night for euchre players of all abilities.

2011 marked the year when CHF achieved our status as a registered charitable organization by the Canada Revenue Agency. The CRA approval letter was received on September 26th with an effective registration date of June 30th 2011.

Heritage Speaker Series

Annual General Meeting 2011

Caledon Heritage Foundation

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speaker:  J. Brian Gilchrist, Referencel Archivist at the Region of Peel Archives

Theme:  The Importance of Family and Local History

Claude Church, 15175 Hurontario St

Brian is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable, informative and entertaining speakers on the subjects of genealogy, family history and heritage, with over 40 years of genealogical research experience. Brian is a graduate in history from the University of Toronto.

Brian is a 4th generation Torontonian and a 9th generation Canadian. His grandmother Gilchrist was a McClure, whose family settled in Peel County in 1820.




Kerr Log House

CHF continued work to find a final permanent home for the Kerr Log House.

The Kerr Log House (KLH) is a two storey, mid-19th century, squared log farmhouse that was dismantled and donated to the Town of Caledon in 2001.

The house is considered a significant built heritage resource because it is one of a small number of full two-storey log houses from the 1840s period remaining in the Caledon area.

As such, the structure warrants designation under the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA), as has been recommended by the Town’s municipal heritage committee.

However, because heritage designation under the OHA is tied to real property, this preservation measure cannot be implemented until the house is re-assembled.

Ultimately our best efforts were fruitless and thankfully a private buyer for the structure stepped forward.

Melville White Church

In cooperation with the Belfountain Heritage Society, CHF was involved with the Melville White Church (MWC) 175th anniversary celebrations and capital projects campaign.

Our application to the Brampton and Area Community Fund (BACF) resulted in a grant towards a heating system for the church and a CHF led appeal yielded in excess of $10,500 in donations from generous citizens.

The heating system extends the time of year when the Church can be used for events.

Attic insulation installation is due to be completed this winter.

CHF’s Diana Hillman was tireless in her work on the art show, fund raising, and commemorative book.

The Melville White Church is an excellent example of Adaptive Re-Use of a building with heritage significance.

Published June 19, 2012


Our Favourite Picks for Summer 2012

“Must Do! A highly selective guide to the picks of the season.

Must Celebrate

The little white church in Caledon is having a birthday party, and you’re invited. The historic Melville White Church on Mississauga Road south of Belfountain was erected in 1837, making it the oldest church building in the hills. Though no longer in religious service, the church was restored through community efforts to serve as an events venue.


To celebrate its 175th anniversary, the Belfountain Heritage Committee and the Caledon Heritage Foundation are hosting two events.

The first is an art show featuring the work of 60 local artists who have depicted interpretations of the church, its history and its place in Caledon’s historic Rockside community. Most of the work will be available for sale.

The art show runs from September 15 to 23 at the church and Belfountain Community Centre.

The second event is an anniversary tea party, featuring scones and classic country music. The party will also mark the launch of a book on the history of the church, featuring works from the art show. The artists will be on hand.

The tea party takes place Sunday, September 16, from 2 to 5pm on the church grounds.”

2nd Annual Caledon Heritage Foundation Bus Tour

May 25, 2012

Hosts and Historians:  Fay McCrea and Heather Broadbent

Featuring:  One Room School Houses throughout the Town of Caledon

The donation of a luxury coach by Swiftrans was greatly appreciated by the participants.


Heritage Bus Tour

of Former One Room Schoolhouses

Thursday, May 24, 2012


An invitation has been extended by FIVE owners of former schools, now private residences, to tour the interior and FOUR other owners have invited us to tour their grounds and view the exterior of their homes. We shall be driving past many other schools and sites on our journey through the scenic Caledon Hills in our luxurious air conditioned coach.

This is an extraordinary chance to see these wonderful heritage structures and observe the practise of adaptive re-use in action. Our tour will evoke thoughts of a now by-gone era, one still remembered by many residents.

TOUR COMMENCES at 9 a.m. SHARP from the Caledon Community Complex on Old Church Road, Caledon East (behind the OPP Station)

A morning break AND lunch will be served at

Knox United Church in Caledon Village

To order your ticket, call Fay at 519-927-5370 or Heather 905-951-3571

Don’t be disappointed – BOOK NOW!


Heritage Speaker Series

Annual General Meeting 2012

Caledon Heritage Foundation

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Speaker:  Edith George, Peter Dmytrasz, Fran Moscall, Ontario Urban Forest Council

Theme:  Heritage Tree – Preserving our Natural Roots

15202 Mount Wolfe Road, Caledon




February 2013

News about the Melville White Church 2013

Heating system installed through the support of the Brampton and Area Community Foundation and the Caledon Heritage Foundation.

The Melville White Church (MWC) is the oldest standing church in the Town of Caledon and one of the oldest in Ontario. It represents the communal efforts of the Rockside Pioneers predominately from Scotland who settled in the area in the early 1800s. Built by the McMillan brothers of Erin, the church was painted white upon completion and quickly became known as the White Church. The origin of the name Melville is thought to be a tribute to Andrew Melville, an early follower of John Wesley the founder of the Presbyterian Church in Scotland in the 17th century.

Its principal features include hand-hewn squared timber framing clad with horizontal wood siding, simple clean lines, and an upper loft in the interior.

After its centennial in 1937 the church’s membership declined, eventually closing in 1964. Vacant and out of use for almost 30 years, except for the occasional wedding, the timber frame structure was under threat of demolition until the residents of Belfountain rallied to save this iconic landmark.

Denis Heroux, a professional member of the Advisory Board of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario, considers the Melville (White) Church: “A valuable cultural resource, eminently worthy of restoration, to ensure that Ontario’s dwindling stock of heritage buildings preserved.”

The church is available for daily rental from the Belfountain Heritage Society which is responsible for its on-going maintenance and management.  In the past the lack of a heating system has restricted its usage to summer and early fall, thereby limiting  its sustainability and making it difficult to raise the revenues required to restore and maintain the building.

With a new heating system installed this heritage designated building will be able to host art exhibits, theatre, concerts, presentations and meetings in addition to the occasional baptism or wedding ceremony, year-round, thus ensuring its future for visitors and the community to enjoy.

We are delighted to announce that the following heating system elements are now installed and operational under Electrical Safety Authority inspection permit# 14002474.

The supply and installation of 10,000 watt commercial style wall hung unit heater on the front wall of the church in the loft area by the main service panel.

The supply and installation of four dedicated 20 amp receptacles in the four corners of the building. These can be used with temporary heaters plugged into them to a maximum of 1800 watts per outlet. This will provide 6 to 7.2KW of heat.

The supply of three infrared portable unit heaters in the outdoor washrooms, provide a 300 watt baseboard heater complete with unit mounted thermostat in each side.

The Caledon Heritage Foundation gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Brampton and Area Community Foundation, a public not-for-profit community foundation serving the people of Brampton and area.

March 2013

Kerr Log House circa 1840

The Kerr Log House has been dismantled from its site of origin on and is in storage awaiting its reconstruction and new life at  at Albion Hills Community Farm as a place for learning.  This is a project that requires the cooperation of Town of Caledon, Caledon Heritage Foundation, Albion Hills Community Farm, and Toronto Region Conservation Authority.


Brief Summary

For those who may not be conversant with the history, here is a brief summary:

The Kerr Log House is one of a small number of 1840s squared log, two storey houses left in Caledon.

It was dismantled and donated to the Town in 2001;

since then it has been stored under tarpaulins in Public Works Yard 3.

Once reconstructed, the house merits designation under the provisions of the Ontario Heritage Act.

In 2007, the Caledon Heritage Foundation retained ERA Architects to conduct a Redevelopment Feasibility study.

As was reported to Council, this study recommended that the KLH be reconstructed on the Town Hall campus in Caledon East for use as a multi-purpose public facility.

The preferred site for the KLH was subsequently allocated for the new OPP station, requiring the CHF to explore other options.

In April 2011, because of concerns about the condition of the logs in storage, Tony Jenkins, Restoration Contractor, inspected the logs and he reported that there had been no significant deterioration in their condition.

Late in 2011 discussions commenced regarding reconstruction of the KLH at the Albion Hills Community Farm (AHCF) on Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) lands.

In the spring of 2012, the AHCF board approved support for using KLH as the farm house at AHCF.

Also in the spring 2012, the CHF board approved a motion to recommend to Caledon Council that ownership of the KLH be transferred from the Town to TRCA for use of the building by AHCF as its farm residence.

With the transfer of ownership, the Town will have no financial obligations in either the reconstruction process or ongoing maintenance of the KLH.

These costs will be born by CHF (engineering and reconstruction) and AHCF (reconstruction and ongoing maintenance).


3rd annual Caledon Heritage Foundation Bus Tour

Hosts and Historians:  Fay McCrea and Heather Broadbent

Featuring:  Heritage Landscapes throughout the Town of Caledon

Tour gave an overview of how Caledon evolved, and the special features in this area – the Niagara Escarpment, the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Peel plain.

It was explained how and when this area was surveyed and the measurements and instruments used to accomplish this.

Grand brick houses were built in the Chinguacousy area as a result of successful wheat farmers, stone houses where stone was readily available, stone fences, cedar rail fences, rock and red clay formations, etc.

Once again, the donation of a luxury coach by Swiftrans was greatly appreciated by the participants.


3rd Annual Bus Tour


Thursday, May 16, 2013


St. Andrews Scottish Day celebration at St. Andrews Stone Church

In June CHF provided financial support to the Friends of St. Andrews Church by funding the rental of a 30’X45’ tent for their Scottish Day event.


Heritage Speaker Series

Annual General Meeting 2013

Caledon Heritage Foundation

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Speaker:  Sue and Jim Waddington

Theme:  Following in the Footsteps of the Group of Seven

Old Caledon Township Hall, 18365 Hurontario Street, Caledon Village


Nearly a century ago, a group of artists travelled into northern Ontario and farther afield to capture the raw, terrible beauty that lay just beyond the outskirts of Canada’s cities and towns. Armed with sketchbooks, brushes, and paintboxes, they set off into the heart of the wilderness with the singular purpose of interpreting the landscape in a modern mode of artistic expression.

In July 1977, Jim and Sue Waddington set off on their own expedition to discover the places that inspired these artists. Determined to locate, document, and photograph the actual landscapes that inspired A.Y. Jackson, Franklin Carmichael, Arthur Lismer, Lawren Harris, A.J. Casson, J.E.H. MacDonald, Tom Thomson, and Frederick Varley, the Waddingtons began a 36-year journey — tracking down clues, deciphering bits of information, tracing ancient portage routes, and exploring hidden inlets — all with the purpose of finding the very spots that gave birth to the work of the Group of Seven.

In presenting reproductions of the original paintings and contemporary photographs of the locations where the original works were created, the Waddingtons invite us to come face to face with the elusive muses that enlightened and enriched this renowned group of artists.



Heritage Speaker Series

On behalf of our Heritage Partners, Caledon Heritage,

we are pleased to extend an invitation to

Free Informative Seminar on

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at 6:30 pm for conversation and 7:00 pm for presentation

with George Duncan  re Adaptic Re-Use of Barns

Hosted by Caledon Heritage Foundation

4th Annual Heritage Bus Tour

Churches | Sites | Cemeteries

4th Annual Heritage Bus Tour

Churches | Sites | Cemeteries

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A fundraising project for Caledon Heritage Foundation

On May 29th Fay McCrea organised yet another successful bus tour. This year the focus was on Churches in Caledon and we are most grateful to Swiftrans for the donation of a luxury coach as well as to the Grogan Walsh Group for their donation which provided lunch at Spirit Tree Cidery.


4th Annual Heritage Bus Tour


Thursday, May 29, 2014


Leave Caledon Community Complex at 9 a.m. sharp

$40 each

Includes morning snack and lunch

Coach supplied by Swiftrans Transport

Morning Snack and lunch provided by

John Grogan

A fundraising project for Caledon Heritage Foundation

St. Andrews Scottish Day celebration at St. Andrews Stone Church

The Foundation made a grant to St. Andrews Stone Church for the rental of a tent for their Scottish Day celebrations on June 14th.

The Belfountain Music Festival

The Belfountain Heritage Society Presents

The Belfountain Music Festival

July 6 – July 13, 2014

Melville White Church

15962 Mississauga Rd, Belfountain ON

Tickets $20 adults $5 children

Book now at www.

Concerts on Sundays at 3pm, Mon-Fri at 8pm, Student Concert Thu at 4pm



St. Andrews Scottish Day celebration at St. Andrews Stone Church

In June CHF once again supported the St. Andrews Stone Church in their Scottish Day celebrations by providing a grant towards the rental of a tent for the day.

In July CHF supplied approximately 20 squares of pressed metal panels from the dismantled Caledon East Orange Lodge to a graffiti painting project at the BizBaz Festival held at the Osprey Valley Golf course.



Heritage Coach Tour

Caledon Cultural Landscapes and Autumn Splendour

Another Heritage Coach Tour was organized by Fay McCrea in conjunction with 3 members of Heritage Caledon – Joanne Crease, Helen Mason and Barb McKenzie.

The theme was “Caledon Cultural Landscapes and Autumn Splendour”. Sponsors included Swiftrans and Argo Developments (the coach), Grogan Walsh Group (morning snack) and James Dick Construction (lunch).


Bus Tour

“Celebrating the Heritage of Caledon”

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Heritage Caledon’s 40th anniversary and the Caledon Heritage Foundation’s 10th

An event was held in co-operation with Heritage Caledon on October 29th to celebrate Heritage Caledon’s 40th anniversary and the Foundation’s 10th.

It was held at the Caledon Country Club with Dan Needles as the key speaker.



Revenue from ticket sales, a silent auction and donations in lieu of tickets raised enough money to break even, which was the objective agreed with Heritage Caledon.

Heritage Trivia Event

In June, the CHF talented team led by Fay McCrea and included Gaye Villa, Sarah Bohan and Steve Goyeche

placed 2nd in a heritage trivia event held at the Caledon Inn and hosted by Ken Webber. The event was organized by Heritage Caledon.

St. Andrews Scottish Day celebration at St. Andrews Stone Church.

In July, CHF provided a grant for the rental of a tent for the St. Andrews Stone Church’s annual Scottish Day celebrations



Produced and a children’s book entitled ‘The Story of Caledon Then and Now’ published by the Caledon Heritage Foundation

Thanks to a grant from the Town of Caledon a children’s book entitled The Story of Caledon Then and Now was formally launched on May 3rd at Ellwood Memorial Public School in Bolton.

Several representatives from the Town of Caledon and Peel school boards were in attendance. Author Dale O’Hara did a reading for the grade 3 class.


Produced and published by the Caledon Heritage Foundation as their sesquicentennial project, just over 1,300 copies were distributed free of charge to all Grade 3 students attending 16 schools within the Town of Caledon.

Caledon – Then and Now “introduces the concepts of past and present history and the importance of knowing how our environment shaped the settlement of Caledon” says author Dale O’Hara.

Synopsis of book.

Caledon, home to First Nations, was a land of forest, gentle hills and broad rivers. With the arrival of the early settlers, the land was cleared, villages were developed and small businesses were started. Over time, roads and railways were built bringing prosperity to the area. From the mills and quarries, to the factories and farms, this is the story of how Caledon was shaped by its environment from its earliest beginning to the present day.

All library branches in Caledon were given copies.

Financial support for the book came from The Town of Caledon, and the Brampton-Caledon Community Foundation: input and review support came from the volunteers of the CHF Board, the Town of Caledon, the Town of Caledon Heritage Resource Officer, the two Peel School Boards and the Chief and Council of the Mississauga New Credit First Nation.

The foundation sponsored two heritage events during the year.

Canada 150, tent at Caledon Day

First, CHF sponsored a heritage themed, Canada 150, tent at Caledon Day at which we were able to promote our activities.

St. Andrews Scottish Day celebration at St. Andrews Stone Church.

Once again CHF paid for the rental of a tent at the annual St. Andrews Scottish Day celebration at St. Andrews Stone Church.

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